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The Discovery Must Be On Mars design for the iPhone 12 Pro was created on an individual order for a fan of Elon Musk and the SpaceX mission.

Caviar designers were inspired to create an exclusive accessory by the successful flight of the Dragon spacecraft. A piece that is part of the Alpha Space mission is embedded in the body of the model. The fragment was returned to Earth from Materials International Space Station (ISS) Experiment (MISSE) Flight Facility, operated by Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance, on a SpaceX Dragon capsule and provided by the English company The Space Collective that deals with the search and purchase of collector's artifacts.

Our client wanted to feel like an astronaut, part of history, master a real fragment of a spaceship and conquer the boundless space with Caviar.


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    Exclusive piece:

    A piece that is part of the Alpha Space mission
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    Back panel:

    Titanium with PVD covering of black color
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    A space landscape in the laser engraving technique on metal. Bas-relief image of the starting Dragon
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    Side engraving:

    Engraving information about the model

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