Gold Alligator

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The true luxury got its inimitable embodiment in the body of Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Gold Alligator.

A refined combination of genuine black leather and metal decorative parts covered with gold of the highest content is an implementation of extraordinary superior. This is the highest society, a closed club of selected gentlemen who change the world just with one stroke of their pens.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Gold Alligator - an unforgettable accent of your style, a unique signature of your personality, an unshakeable attribute of your superiority.


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    Back panel:

    Genuine alligator leather of black color
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    V-shaped Caviar brand “tick” as a symbol of victory and superiority. Brutal ribs made of titanium and decorative screws covered with 999-content gold (Double Electroplated)
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    Side engraving:

    Engraving of the model’s information and the unique phone number

What is in the box

$5 370