Caviar iPhone 12 Pro :: Warrior :: Mao


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China, the country that gave us gunpowder and a compass, paper, porcelain, silk and some of the richest warriors. Caviar designers have embodied all the luxury and splendor of this country in the precious Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mao model.

The 750 gold coating with three-dimensional feathers and dragon design gives the accessory a dazzling shine and Asian flavor, while a pure first quality ruby, shaped as a drop of blood, adds luxury.

The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mao is not just a phone, but an example of power and greatness. Design is inspired by ancient Han dynasty spear ""Mao"".

Limited edition of 7 pieces.

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    750 gold
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    Decorative composite material with protective properties with visual ice effect
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    750 gold with three-dimensional feather and dragon pattern and pure first quality ruby
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    Side engraving:

    Information about the model and unique phone number
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    Gold weight:

    180 gr. on the Pro version and 215 gr. on the Pro Max

What is in the box