Viking Ragnar Carbon

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A spectacular combination of carbon and black leather is a classical interpretation of eternal ideas of masculinity, strictness, majesty and bravery. By using this palette and these materials, the designers of Caviar created a push-button phone, which image not just reminds a martial sword from the era of Varangian rulers in the Ancient Rus, but is also gifted with its power and charisma.

Named after the conqueror Ragnar Lodbrok, it embodies his strength and indomitability.

The expressive, unusual form attracts attention – sharply defined angles build an imperious geometry and attract eyes to their decisive peaks; elegant lines, charismatic carbon, royally expensive leather, and original relief – all in this design is submitted to the scrupulous harmony borrowed from the configuration of the Scandinavic swords.

Not every warrior could afford himself to have a real sword. Because this dangerous perfection was not just a deadly weapon, but also a sign to the affiliation with a certain circle; by the sword’s quality, it is easy to distinguish a leader from a common soldier. Just like a Caviar phone in a man’s hands today is a symbol that speaks about the status, valour and honor.

Enjoy the power and superiority that you’ll experience when the Tsar-phone like an invincible Viking sword will appear in your hand!


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    Polished titanium BT1-0 with anticorrosion characteristics, a number of the limited edition is engraved on the side facet, small screws of gilded titanium, Tapisserie guilloche
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    Titanium (black)
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    Gorilla Glass
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    Back panel:

    Natural alligator leather, titanium, PVD covering, Caviar brand sign (titanium), carbon (one-piece gold, 750 gold content)

What is in the box

Product information

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    Operation system:

    Series 40 5TH Edition, Feature Pack 1
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    Dimensions and Memory:

    Memory: 1 GB, 32 MB RAM. Dimensions: 144x50x12 mm.
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    Communication standard & Internet:

    GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS (WCDMA), 3G
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    Bluetooth, Camera 2 Mp, micro-USB 2.0
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    Li-ion, 830 MAH, Standby time - 300 h, Talk time: - 5.5 h
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    Contacts in the phone book:

$3 240