A hybrid of iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4 was created in Russia

The Russian brand of luxury smartphones and accessories Caviar introduced the collection of designs for iPhone XS inspired by watch art. On the body of one of the models Apple Watch 4 is placed.

The collection Swiss Dreams is inspired by the art of the creation of wrist watches and is based on the use of the important and recognizable images and elements, referring us to the world of accuracy and refinement of watch mechanisms, the traditional native land of which is Switzerland.

The heritage of Switzerland

Designers Caviar, being not indifferent to the works of watch geniuses, were inspired by the famous masterpieces of outstanding Swiss manufactories and brought together representatives of different worlds - a modern smartphone and centuries-old traditions of creating watches. They interpreted the designs of watch bracelets and straps and even the guilloche patterns on the dials in the images of smartphones.

The connoisseurs of watchmaking will easily notice in the look of Swiss Dreams Brown Leather the characteristic elegant notes of classic Breguet watches, the design of Swiss Dreams Bracelet Black will remind you of Hublot Big Bang models that have blown up the watch world with their charisma, and Swiss Dreams Bracelet Gold pays homage to the luxurious Rolex.

Apple Watch + iPhone

The most extraordinare exemplar in the series presents the original symbiosis of iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4.

The idea to create this design came from an individual order of brand’s client who wished to connect the favorite smartphone and Apple Watch into one device. The extraordinary design created in Caviar as an answer to this question and embodied on the smartphone’s body, presents an image of the globe literally belted with Apple Watch, which symbolizes the rapid triumphal procession around the planed and its conquest of the recognition even in such traditional sphere as the watch mastery! The gold Milanese mesh bracelet lies over the whole smartphone’s body, and closer to its lower part the body of the watch itself is located, which can be easily put out and inserted into the construction.

“The order of our client brought us to an interesting thought – indeed, a watch is a traditional and beloved men’s accessory; moreover, it is the most eloquent element of style, so by transferring the best things from the watch world to the world of luxurious smartphones, we got a unique result!” – they speak about the novelty in Caviar.

The cost of the models in the Swiss Dreams Collection starts from $4940. The model with Apple watch has a price of $21 130.