A new vision of the iPhone 11 Pro camera. What other design solutions does Caviar offer?

The brand of premium-class smartphones and accessories Caviar presents to the world the new collection of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max with a modified camera and shock-proof body with an additional screen protection.

The brand Caviar, the extravagant solutions of which don’t stop surprising us, releases not just a modified collection of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max of exclusive materials, but it also presents its vision of the appearance of the main novelty of Apple - a unique camera with 3 lenses.

In the Victory collection, 12 models of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are presented, that are made in the same brand Caviar style; at that, among the variety of color palettes and materials, everyone will find something peculiar. Both laconic men’s models of black titanium, and women’s ones with various options of exotic leather are presented. Besides that, the brand introduces jewelry models with placers of diamonds, bodies of pure gold and noble bronze. The conceptual center of each model is the brand V-shaped Caviar “tick” as a symbol of victory, a symbol of superior of beauty over the routine and multi-copying. All smartphones of the new collection are presented in a limited edition of 99 copies.

“We’ve really admired the new Apple smartphone. Its technical possibilities boggle the imagination. Before creating the design of the new collection, we’ve carefully studied the feedback about the new product and tried to fix the flaws found by the consumers in the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. This is how the Victory collection was born. The collection that is an implementation of your idea about a perfect iPhone”, the brand’s representatives comment.

Prices for Caviar products are as always amazing. The cost of the cheapest model made of hardened titanium starts from $4,290. The price of a diamond-encrusted smartphone with a solid gold case is from $30,820.