A prototype of iPhone 11 with pieces of the Moon, a spaceship and diamonds was created

In Russia, a prototype of the space collection of the new iPhone 11 was introduced. In the exclusive edition, 5 models were included, the main one of them is called “Universe Diamond”; it is decorated not only with precious stones, but also with a fragment of a real spaceship and a piece of the moon. Its price is $48,780.

The Russian brand of luxury smartphones and accessories, Caviar studied the prototypes of the upcoming novelty by Apple that came at their disposal, and developed a unique series of concepts for iPhone 11 that will be presented in September 2019. The manufacturer of luxurious modifications offers their own vision directed to the future – its designs of the modern smartphones are inspired by the space theme.

Universe Diamond

As a base of the composition in the design of the flagship model Universe Diamond the Solar System itself was taken. On the body, golden spheres and orbits are placed, complemented with precious stones: diamonds, rubies, a cognac diamond, a topaz of a rare Swiss shade, and even with a fragment of a real spaceship, a piece mined from the Moon, and a meteorite element.

Besides that, on the body of iPhone 11 by Caviar, a mechanical watch with a tourbillon is placed – to let the passage of time always be under your control, even if you find yourself in zero-gravity.

Other models

Along with that, other models are also presented in the collection. For example, Singularity – dedicated to the Black Hole. As it is known, the first authentic photos of the unique phenomenon became available only this spring and inspired the designers of Caviar to a stylistic interpretation. The smartphone’s body is complemented with the fragments of several meteorites.

The Explorer model looks powerful and brutal and “speaks” about the incessant striving of the humanity for the discoveries, while the design of iPhone 11 Space Soyuz is dedicated to the Soviet and Russian space researches and discoveries. For the depiction of a miniature satellite, a fragment of a genuine spacecraft that was beyond the Earth was used.

“This collection is a unique symbiosis of the complicated handwork, rare materials, for which we had to really go to space, innovative technologies and timeless ideas of beauty”, they say about the novelty in Caviar.

Prices start from $4530.