Caviar released the None-cameras iPhone 12 Pro.

The titanium iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without cameras was presented in Russia. It was created to protect its owner from covert surveillance.

The Russian company Caviar, known for its incredibly extravagant interpretations of iPhones, Samsung and other modern gadgets, has released a design for the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without cameras. This phone is named Stealth, because the design of the accessory resembles the legendary “Stealth” plane.

The distinctive features of the smartphone are the absence of a camera on the rear panel and a disabled front camera. This exclusive gadget was created for those who need a simple phone without unnecessary functions and want to feel safe at any time. It is also perfect if your new workplace is in a high-security area, for those who dream of privacy but want to do it gracefully, demonstrating their impeccable taste.

At the moment, the line includes 2 models. The first is the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth made of hardened titanium with vertical guilloche on durable black laser coating. The other is the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold in a monolith case made of hardened titanium with an ultra-durable PVD gold coating.

The cost of models starts from 4990 USD.

To order, click on the link iPhone 12 Pro Stealth.