Gulf’s marvels – the new collection of precious iPhone X for the Persian Gulf countries

The inspiration for the jewelers of the brand Caviar became the wealth, luxury and the traditions of Eastern countries. Specifically for them, the designers and jewelers developed several exclusive models; some of them are dedicated to the great mosques; the other – to the precious oil reserves.

The brand Caviar always pays a big attention to the cultural peculiarities, history and traditions of the countries, which they are inspired by, by finding in them a mine of valuable information and meaningful cultural codes. By directing their look to the East, Caviar couldn’t stay indifferent to the three main sanctuaries of Islam - the Al-Haram mosque in Mecca, the main hajj place of all Muslim, the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Mosque in Medina, where the Prophet Muhammad is buried, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem standing on the place of the Prophet’s ascension. To each of them, the design of iPhone X is dedicated.

Gulfs Marvel iPhone X by Caviar

The smartphones are decorated with pompous symbolical ornaments performed in the Islamic traditions and borrowed from the ornamentation of these mosques. In the middle of the bodies, there are the images of the corresponding mosques performed in a difficult volumetric technique. A complement to the composition is a half-moon with a star decorated with a diamond. A rich combination of precious coatings of golden color and composite malachite of green shade creates a cardinally noble and majestic design worthy of being called “Oriental Mystery”.

Saudi Arabia iPhone X by Caviar

Besides that, in the oriental collection of Caviar, 5 models are presented, dedicated to the countries of the Persian Gulf – the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The peculiar dressing of the smartphones interprets the image of oil as the main wealth symbols of these countries. The unusual covering of the body is made of black mother-of-pearl; it is shining and gleaming, causing the associations with the famous “black gold”. Besides that, every smartphone is decorated with the State Emblem of the shining gold color. Severe and along with it luxurious designs are created for the true patriots of their countries.

The cost starts from $4200