In Russia, the new iPhone Xs will be decorated with ancient fossils, diamonds and mammoth remains

Caviar, the Russian brand of luxury smartphones, announced the release of new designs on the new Apple iPhone Xs; they will be dedicated to the most ancient valuable relics on the Earth – diamonds, stromatolites and remains of mammoths.

The official premiere of new Apple smartphones is scheduled for September 2018. Caviar have already prepared a series of new designs that will be implemented on this innovative device. The collection is dedicated to the most ancient, eternal values on the Earth and decorated with diamonds, ancient fossils and mammoth remains. The unique tandem of modern technologies and treasures that are billions years old is aimed to turn iPhone into an eternal value.

In the middle of every Caviar iPhone Xs, there is the emblem of Caviar, and below the exclusive elements are placed: in the “Diamond” model, this is a profusion of diamonds on gold and mother-of-pearl. Into the “Stromatolite” model, a piece of an ancient form of life is placed, which age is 2 billion years. In the “Mammoth” model, you can see a unique part of one of the most famous ancient extinct animals on the Earth – the mammoth. All these materials are mined on the territory of Russia, so they are Russian relics of the ancient times.

“While working on this collection, we had a truly unique opportunity to touch a miracle and we’re happy that our clients are now also able to hold these wonderful relics in their hands. The decorations of the newest iPhone Xs became the most ancient treasures on the planet. Combining a thing of the future with a treasure from the past is is a unique experience. Now, the wonders of technology and incomprehensible, ancient miracles of nature, united into a Russian relic, are now at your disposal.”

The cost of the announced models starts from 4400$

The models are available for the pre-order.


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