iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone “Billionaire” was made of silver and gold

The Russian brand Caviar that developed the high-technology Cyberphone based on iPhone 11 Pro, created a jewelry version of the smartphone made of pure silver and 750-content gold for billionaires.

In January 2020, the Russian brand Caviar introduced an exclusive development – a modified design of iPhone 11 Pro body in the style of Tesla Cybertruck. The model is presented in an armed titanium body and equipped with a screen protection system that transforms into a smartphone stand.

In May 2020, the brand issues an updated design Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Billionaire . Its jewelry body of pure silver is made on the basis of the titanium cyberphone design. The range of decorative elements and functional buttons is made of pure 750-content gold.

This precious smartphone is equipped with firm body protection and a protective element that ensures full screen protection from mechanical damages. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Billionaire is a sample of “smart luxury”, which present a synthesis of practicality and exclusiveness.

“The creation of a firm titanium body for this relatively fragile smartphone was the first step in the creation of the perfect Cyberphone, from our point of view. After having technical and user tests, we went to the next stage and created a Cyberphone in a jewelry body. Now, it’s not just a firm smartphone, but a precious exclusive”, the brand’s representatives comment.

The cost of Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Billionaire starts from $ 19 900 US for iPhone of 256 Gb.