Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe became an inspiration for new design in the Caviar Superior collection

The Russian brand of luxe-class smartphones and accessories, Caviar introduced new designs of iPhone 11 Pro within the collection with pieces of personal belongings of legendary personalities: Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Iron Mike is decorated with a rhythmic floral ornament, which provides special brutal dynamics to the design. The central elements are a bas-relief portrait of Mike Tyson and a piece of his sport equipment enclosed under the protective glass. The smartphone is released in a limited series of 50 copies according to the number of victories in Tyson's professional career.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Marilyn Monroe is decorated with a relief engraving: refined patterns of intriguing black lace. The carte-de-visite of the Hollywood diva – her full sensual lips – are made of glossy red kirinite. The extraordinary element – a piece of Marilyn Monroe’s dress under the protective glass is like that very famous birthmark of the actress. The phone is released in a limited series of 99 copies.

“Great people inspire to grandiose achievements by their example. On the threshold of the New Year when everyone makes wishes and creates plans for future, we’re happy to introduce not just smartphones’ designs, but truly inspiring artifacts: unique accessories with pieces of personal belongings of enduring Mike Tyson and stunning Marilyn Monroe. Let them become your inspiration in the upcoming New Year”.

The cost of the models starts from 5120 USD.