Putin’s Presidency is called "The Golden Age" in Russia and inspires to creation of a golden smartphone

Putin’s Presidency is called "The Golden Age" in Russia and inspires to creation of a golden smartphone

Caviar, the Russian brand of luxury smartphones, has presented a new design of IPhone X devoted to the fourth election of Vladimir Putin to the post of the President of the Russian Federation.

Presidential elections in Russia were held on March, 18, and won by Vladimir Putin, who was supported by more than 76% of votes. Caviar brand has created the new iPhone X design - The Golden Age of Vladimir Putin - to celebrate the fourth Presidential term of Vladimir Putin.

iPhone X The Golden Age of Vladimir Putin

Smartphones devoted to the figure of the RF President have become a distinctive feature of Caviar brand. The brand has not released presidential models in completely golden cases since 2016. The new golden design was presented by the brand to celebrate Vladimir Putin's victory in the elections 2018. «This is likely the ultimate perfection of the golden presidential phone» - brand's representatives told about the novelty. The new smartphone is encapsulated in a case plated with gold from all sides and decorated with engraved pattern of the Russian coat of arms. The lower part of the case features a relief image of Kremlin with the relief coat of arms of Russia over it. The composition is crowned with a bas-relief of the President Putin encircled by inscription: «The Golden Age of Vladimir Putin».

The entire design concept embodies the Golden Age in the history of Russia - time of astounding growth and prosperity the country has reached, is reaching now, and will reach under the guidance of Vladimir Putin, which is confirmed by the president's quotation engraved on the smartphone case: «We aim for the best future and we will attain it». This phrase was said during the interview for Vladimir Solovev's «World order 2018» documentary.

Evolution of Presidential phones

Retrospective overview of previous Caviar’s models devoted to Vladimir Putin shows evolution of design and unsurpassed craftsmanship of Caviar’s jewelers. It all has started with iPhone 5s Caviar Supremo Putin that was released in 2014 and sold out within 24 hours. Then a limited edition of iPhone 6 Caviar Supremo Putin 2 came. Design of this model was significantly improved — Putin’s portrait was made in a relief version, while the case got texture protecting the device from damages.

The next model, embellished with diamonds, was called Supremo Putin Diamante.

In 2016, a new phone called Supremo Putin Quatre Volte and inspired by the fourth declaration of Putin as the most influential man in the world was released. Design of this device became even more sophisticated — relief portrait of Vladimir Putin was supplemented with a relief image of Spasskaya Tower of Kremlin, crowned with a ruby, while all facets of the phone were plated with gold.

The newest device is fully «dressed» in gold and its decorative relief elements became even more sophisticated, precise, expressive, and tiny.

Price of the new iPhone X The Golden Age of Vladimir Putin — 269 000 RUB