Russian jewelers will bring Samsung Galaxy Note 9 decorated with a kilogram of gold, to any city of the world by plane

The Russian luxury brand Caviar presented their new design concept developed specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The smartphone’s design repeats the appearance of a gold bar, and a kilogram of gold was spent to create it.

The new flagship device by Samsung is expected to come on sale since August 24th. The announced model is equipped with impressive technical characteristics – a powerful battery of 4000 mAh, a huge screen without borders, an electronic pen and other innovative solutions.

Caviar designers paid their attention to the fact, that among the colors in that the flagship will be introduced, there is cupper, but for some reason, there is no gold, while this very color is traditionally the most desired one among the buyers and perfectly matches the outstanding possibilities and value of the new smartphone. Then, Caviar decided that the technical giant by Samsung is worthy of the maximum spectacular design, and offered their concept not just with the gold color of the body, but a real “Gold bar”, by turning the device’s body into a jewel.
To create one modification, one kilogram of gold will be spent; a plate of precious metal will add 5 mm of additional volume to the device.
The design might be called laconic – of the “adornments” on the case, there is only the standard note – 999, and weight, - the data that are traditionally put onto the precious bars; however, considering that it is about a kilogram of gold, the term of laconicism gives place to the term “extraordinariness”.

“We decided that the outstanding technical characteristics of the new Samsung are worthy of a radically luxurious design, so we decided to dress Galaxy Note 9 in gold. We want the original design to underline the smartphone’s technical wealth, which is why we turned it into an uncompromising jewel”, the brand’s representatives tell about the novelty.
Besides the bar smartphone, the modifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the classical designs by Caviar – decorated with the crown, the Caviar emblem, decorated with titanium, gold, leather and black onyx, are available for pre-order.
The cost of the “Gold Bar” model starts from $ 63 500. The new phone will be delivered by the manufacturer to the happy owner by plane.
The price for the serial designs starts from $ 4 250. The models are available for pre-order.