The first Russian cell phone for the military will be released on the occasion of the Navy day

The first Russian cell phone for the military will be released on the occasion of the Navy day

On the eve of the Navy day, the Russian brand of luxury smartphones and accessories, Caviar, has presented the first Russian cell phone for the military from "Invincible" series; the gadget features a solid titanic case, emblems of corps and special divisions on the outside and the technical stuff built to last a lifetime - inside.

The Navy day is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of July. Caviar decided to celebrate this holiday with a release of updated "Invincible" smartphone series devoted to various military divisions and presented 5 designs of cell phones enclosed in strong titanic cases with functional of the modern Nokia 3310. The novelties include 4 phone models dedicated to different military divisions (navy, airborne forces, air forces, and armed forces of the Russian Federation). The fifth design is addressed to the special service agents - the Federal Security service. Each device is decorated with a relief emblem and motto of the division. Decorative elements are placed on the original titanic case covered with "Damask steel" ornament symbolizing courage and virtue of the real soldiers.

According to brand's representatives, these devices were designed especially for those who defend and protect the native land. "We have created these smartphones especially for the military of the Russian Federation. They are extremely durable, arguably "unkillable", the charge lasts for up to three days; this device will make you always contactable and won't distract you with excess, unnecessary functional. And the key thing is their unique design, created to emphasize service in certain corps". Fans of Apple gadgets can also choose titanic iPhone 7 with emblems of military divisions and order them at Caviar Atelier.

Caviar plans to continue developments in the military sphere and is already negotiating with Kalashnikov Concern on joint creation of exclusive products/ Besides, the brand is ready to execute special orders from the Army of Russia and is eager to see the Russian "under-the-hood" solutions for smartphones in the nearest future to provide the state armed forces with the own, Russian device featuring unique design and technique.

The price of the military phones Nokia 3310 from Caviar is untypically low for Caviar and makes only 99 000 rbl. The gold version will cost 20 000 rbl. more. Smartphones for every corps type are limited edition - 99 pieces. Smartphones can be pre-ordered since July, 26th.