The first “Tsar-phone” to celebrate Vladimir Putin Inauguration has been created in Russia

Caviar – the Russian brand of exclusive luxury smartphones – has presented a series of “Tsar-phone” push-button phones and iPhone X devoted to inauguration of Vladimir Putin.

On April, 17, Caviar brand has presented a collection of push-button Tsars-phones designs of which are devoted to Russia. Devices had absolutely innovative, original, polygonal case and became very popular among the brand customers. However, Caviar headquarters received numerous appeals to create a push-button phone devoted to the personality of Vladimir Putin daily.

Therefore, Caviar decided to present new designs of push-button phones and iPhone in honour of Vladimir Putin, on the eve of his inauguration, as a persuasive and unequivocal sign of full and sincere faith of Caviar customers in newly elected head of the state.

Solemn ceremony of Vladimir Putin accession to the post of the President of Russia will take place on May, 7. On the eve of inauguration, Caviar presents 4 new designs. Two models have format of push-button Tsars-phones, while the other two are based on iPhone X.

“Tsar-phone” Inauguration Diamond — 7 exclusive phones costing 1 900 000 RUB

Design of Inauguration Diamond phone is based on the key symbols of power in the Russian Federation which play important role in the inauguration ceremony. These symbols include a special copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on which the President puts his right hand while taking the oath, and the Sign of the President of the Russian Federation which is located on the left of the President during the ceremony. Red leather, golden arms, and even font in the phone design are absolutely identical to those decorating the Constitution cover, while medallion with "Benefit, honour, glory" inscription is inspired by the Sign of the President of the Russian Federation which is a symbolical copy of "For Merit to the Fatherland" order. The phone case is cast from 18K gold and decorated with real leather, engravings, and 95 diamonds. This is a limited edition of 7 phones symbolizing the inauguration date - May, 7.

Price of exclusive gadget - 1 900 000 RUB

Caviar Russia Inauguration and Caviar Leader Putin Inauguration

Serial design devoted to this remarkable event can be found on both push-button Tsar-phone and iPhone X. Tsar-phone features the key accoutrements of power - the Arms of the Russian Federation, medallion with "Benefit, honour, glory" inscription, and "swallow-tail" engraving reminding of the castellation on the Kremlin wall too. Design with Vladimir Putin's portrait is available only in iPhone X version.

Price of push-button Tsars-phones - 219 000 RUB, iPhone Inauguration - from 258 000 RUB.