The labyrinth and the Wheel of Fortune – right on the body of iPhone XS. What else are the Russian jewelers capable of?

The Russian luxury brand of accessories and smartphones, Caviar, introduced the collection of iPhone XS decorated with old games – the labyrinth and the wheel of decisions!

The creative idea not to just decorate the smartphones, but also “complicate” them with additional functional elements has become a new vector for the thoughts of Caviar engineers and designers; next to iPhone XS complemented with a skeletonized clockwork mechanism, the brand introduced the series of smartphones, in the bodies of which the games are inserted, to that people have been addressing for already many centuries – the labyrinth and the Wheel of Fortune.


The miniature labyrinth is placed on the body designed in the gothic style; the lines and patterns of the ornaments are borrowed from the adornments of the French Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral. In this particular old church, which is not far from Paris, the labyrinth is located, the creation of which is dated 1205. The labyrinth is depicted right on the cathedral’s floor and symbolizes both the earthly path of Christ, but also the life route of every human; in the labyrinth, there is only one right way, and, apparently, the goal of everyone is the search of a right solution.

On the smartphone’s body, the miniature labyrinth is cut of the composite stone, and a golden ball is placed in it, which has to find the way to the goal. The model is presented in two color scores.

Decision Wheel

A passion to predictions and a wish to receive tips from the higher forces have been characteristic to men during all times and nowadays, they are as strong. Being inspired by the classical ball that helps make decisions, Caviar created their own original oracle, “located” it on the smartphone’s body and dressed it into a luxurious “garment” borrowed from the decoration of the watch on the St Mark’s Clocktower in Venice. Inside the “wheel”, 16 options of answers to burning questions are hidden.

“While thinking about the subject of games, we understood that the favorite toy of a modern person is his smartphone, which is why it seemed to us creative and even funny to add to it a real old game, which age is counted in centuries, and empathize with it the fact that we all play games. So, let these games be filled with beauty, luxury and beautiful sense”, the brand’s representatives tell about the novelties.

Prices start from $5270