The only Airpods Pro in the world in the one-piece body of 750 gold

The Russian brand of luxury smartphones and accessories, Caviar create the first and world’s only Airpods Pro in the body of one-piece 750-content gold.

Golden AirPods Pro

The Russian company delights the devotees of luxury and precious materials with gold limited smartphones and accessories once again. This time, Caviar introduce to the world an extraordinary accessory – wireless earphones Apple Airpods Pro in a modified jewelry design.

Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition is the only model in the world, the body of the case and earphones of which is made of one-piece gold of 750 content. It is noteworthy that the company will issue only one copy of the gold accessory for the whole world.

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition

The modified Airpods Pro possess a big weight in comparison with the original ones, but this is that special argument in it: because the true pieces of jewelry art are notable for a pleasant heaviness underlining the jewel’s expensiveness.

“Even more often, we notice that wealthy people strive to underline their status with luxurious accessories. Limitedness, precious materials, jewelry elements receive a special popularity. The concept of gold body was born like lightning, because to stand out from the large community of the lovers of technics with an apple logo, one really needs to try hard. We’re sure that the gold edition of Airpods Pro will find its owner and will delight not only with its quality sound, but also wit extraordinary, limited luxury’, the brand’s representatives comment.

Price is $67 790.