The Russian luxury brand of smartphones offered to Elon Musk an idea of a luxurious Tesla car and the new iPhone X

The Russian brand of luxurious smartphones, Caviar has presented the updated iPhone X model that is charged from the light. In addition to that, the brand has offered its vision of the Tesla car “a la Russe”: the appearance of the car combines Tesla aesthetics with the classical concept of luxury.

New smartphone

The new version of iPhone X Caviar Tesla is designed in the same style as the first model – it is equipped with a solar battery, modeled with the shockproof carbon, decorated with elements covered with gold. In the model’s name, the letter “A” has appeared, which is opening into the Greek letter “Alpha”, meaning the leadership, majesty and superiority.

Customized iPhone Tesla by Caviar

The charge indicator on the smartphone is made of composite jasper of the red color.

New car for Tesla

With the premiere of the new smartphone model, Caviar also coincided the presentation of the concept of the Tesla car created by the brand’s designers. In the look of the presented car, the futuristic modernity of Tesla and the elegant luxury with the Russian character are combined, brought by Caviar – the connoisseurs of the spectacular Russian style.

Tesla Car concept

The massive sedan combines both smooth lines and stricter geometrical contours. The vehicle’s hood is decorated with a bear’s figure – this is where the symbolism of the creators’ idea is enclosed in, and the state of California, USA, where the headquarters of Tesla Motors is located.

Tesla car luxury concept

The presence of a big radiator grill “addresses” us to the traditional designing of the cars of the high-performance class; however, the brand’s designers performed it in an original and untypical style by accumulating pompous royal patterns into the design. The molding on the car’s body is decorated with skillful engravings in the traditional Russian style, which are covered with gold.

Tesla car concept by Caviar designers

“It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Caviar is a brand that is cultivating the luxury a la Russe and know what it is. We thought that since the inventions of Elon Musk have become our inspiration to create the Tesla smartphone, it would be fair and great if we would be able to inspire him too; so we created the concept of a car, in the look of which the nuances are introduced that will make this car attractive and desired for the Russian audience and for the VIP audience of the entire world in general. We know that an alliance of luxury and technologies is, and we’ll be glad if our ideas find a response in the works by Mr. Musk and his team”, the brand’s representatives tell about the innovation.