The three superpowers – Russia, the United States and China are depicted on the body of the exclusive watch introduced for the G20

The Russian brand of smartphones and accessories, Caviar introduced a collection of watches created specifically for the G20 Summit that will take place on June 28-29 in Osaka. On the flagship model with a tourbillon, there are volumetric figures of three animals – a bear, a dragon and an eagle. Each of them symbolizes one of the three great powers – Russia, China and the United States correspondingly.

One of the key agendas on the meeting of the leaders of the “Group of Twenty” promise to become the trade disputes of China and the USA; the whole world is waiting for the resolution of the tense situation and Caviar, as always, also keep their eye on the ball. This time the brand reflects in the design of their luxurious watches the symbols of three giant countries, on the relations between that so many things depend!

The model is called Tripolar Osaka Edition Tourbillon in honor of the three-polar world that gradually comes to change the monopolar one. The work unique in its complicacy requires 32 hours of the masters’ work. The body of the watch is decorated with volumetric figures covered with gold - a fierce eagle that predatorily opened its beak, a menacingly roaring bear and a majestic dragon. The emotions reflected in these images are so expressive that one can easily recognize the tense opposition between them, the fight for power and domination.

In the “six o’clock” position the tourbillon is placed – a mechanism that guarantees the perfect accuracy of the move.

Besides that, in the watch collection Osaka 2019 the exclusive models of watches dedicated to the Summit are presented: the model with the portraits of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the model with the portrait of Vladimir Putin only.

Osaka Edition prices start from $4100.