Tsar Phone Vladimir with a golden Orthodox cross was created

he Russian brand of luxury smartphones, phones and accessories, Caviar introduced their new models in the series of classic push-button phones. Tsar Phone Vladimir is covered with a golden ornament and decorated with an image of the Orthodox cross.

he first Tsar Phone models were dedicated to powerful Vikings – Riurik and Ragnar; they had their names and were performed in the relevant, masculine, martial and laconic style.

The new model continue the tradition to address to the images of great rulers in the Russian history; it is called “Vladimir” and unlike the “Viking” models, has a more festive and luxurious look inspired by the dressing of medieval princely chambers, their luxurious dresses and jewelry, as well as the first churches in Rus.

The backside of the phone’s body is fully covered with gold and decorated with a solid “bed” of ornament’s engraving in the old Russian style; however, this marvelous and detailed pattern only serves as a background for the main component of the composition – the image of a gold Orthodox cross. Volumetric and shining, it attracts attention and reminds of the most important symbol of the Russian nationhood, culture and morality, of the faith that has always been leading Russia along a special way.

he front side of the device and its facets are also adorned with a golden covering and patterns.

The name given to this phone refers back to the 10th century and the history of the Christianization of Rus, when Prince Vladimir Krasnoye Solnyshko accepted the Orthodox Christianity in 988 and established it in the Russian State. By the way, on the icons, the canonized prince is depicted in this way in most cases – with a sword in one hand and a cross in another hand; in the look of the phone Vladimir, which shape repeats the lines of a sword, these two images were harmoniously and expressively combined.

orce and faith, wisdom and courage, generosity and along with it, firmness in the decision-making have always distinguished the outstanding Russian rulers not only on the pages of the ancient chronicles, but in the modern history of Russia as well.

In the series, a business variant of the model Vladimir in the combination of the gold covering and black leather is presented.