Game of Thrones Edition

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It seems that this is beyond reality! The “flexible” Samsung Fold, dressed in an extraordinary precious case from Caviar exceeds all expectations, fantasies and dreams!

Thinking that the opening format of the smartphone resembles a book, the brand’s designers gave vent to their imagination and turned the body of an extraordinary device into the cover of George Martin’s long-awaited book “The Winds of Winter”.

A magnificent, detailed, voluminous bas-relief, covered with gold, refers to the history of the famous saga “Song of Ice and Fire”, turned into the epic series “Game of Thrones” - important and recognizable symbols of houses, as well as a map of the Seven Kingdoms - appear before us in everything their splendor and surround the front screen with a precious pattern.

The sophisticated and luxurious design by Caviar is a worthy “frame” for such an outstanding smartphone, and besides, it is the perfect gift for the most devoted and demanding fans of the story of the struggle for the Iron Throne.

Once, George Martin discovered for us a new universe that struck us, captivated and shocked us to the core. Agree, Samsung’s new technologies are no less impressive! Reopen them with Caviar!


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    Artificial stone and volumetric bas-relief creating a “book cover”
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    Decorative elements

    Forms, subjects and characters repeat the recognizable elements from the cycle of works by George Martin “A Song of Ice and Fire”. 750-content gold
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    Body and buttons

    Anodized covering, engraving of a unique phone number
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    Westeros Map

    Artificial stone

Product information

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    7.3 inches primary, 2152 x 1536 color AMOLED, touchscreen, multi-touch, capacitive, with additional screen
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    Folding mechanism:

    A unique folding mechanism that allowed the creation of the world's first flexible smartphone.
    Stock - 200,000 bends.
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    Four back cameras (16 megapixels, 12 megapixels, 12 megapixels, 10 megapixels) with autofocus and two front cameras (10 megapixels and 8 megapixels)
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    Dimensions and Weight:

    117,9 х 160,9 х 7,5 mm, 263 g (excluding customization)
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    CPU and OS:

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 8-core processor, HDD - 512 GB, RAM - 12 GB
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    4380 mAh dual battery
$41 270