Hagia Sophia

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Why thinking out something new when there’s something eternal? Essential everywhere, undoubtedly immortal, unbelievably refined - the combination of black alligator leather and gold colour.

We introduce you the beloved combination of noble goldplating and masculine black in the new design within the classic collection by Caviar. If you are a devotee of a moderate luxurious style, this model is created for you especially! Goldplated elements add a special, imposing chick and at that, they don’t violate the general laconicism of the design.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Gold & Black is a loyal companion that’ll demonstrate to everyone around your flawless taste and high status.


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    Back panel:

    Natural black marble
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    Decorative framework with artistic engraving on metal
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    Double rose gold covering according to the technology Double Electroplated (999 content, 7 microns)
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    Limited series:

    99 copies
$5 830
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