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$169 000

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Caviar jewelers have demonstrated a new approach to gold, turning it into an exclusive precious accessory.

The Caviar Samsung s21 Ultra Goldphone is an ingot of the purest solid 999.9 gold (24 Carat) with the standard functions of a smartphone. The most expensive model for the most affluent people in the world!

A smartphone made in the form of an ingot of gold is so mesmerizing and eye-catching, that it leaves no one indifferent.

The brilliance of the purest 999.9-gold (24 Carat) makes this luxurious accessory look like a piece of jewelry.

This is a new dimension of wealth, a cosmic level of luxury!

The price includes 2 free replacements of the Goldphone smartphone with later versions within 3 years.

Limited edition of 7 pieces.


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    Gold of the purest 999.9 standard (24 Carat)
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    Weight of gold:

    1,000 grams
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    Caviar Crown Logo, Limited edition and weight info