Totem Wolf

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The wolf is the totem animal that carries strong energy and is a guide between the spiritual and material world. Wisdom, intuition, willpower, noble rage – this is how this majestic animal appears before us.

People who chose a wolf as their patron animal, strive for underlining and improving such characteristics as intellectual curiosity, perseverance, and insight. Fair by nature, they bring justice to the world.

The body of the IQOS tobacco heating device is made of titanium with black PVD covering and decorated with satining. The image of the wolf is made in the laser engraving technique on metal.

If you wish to emphasize your masculinity and willpower, striving for justice and strong intuition, Caviar Smoking Device Totem Wolf will be your loyal companion totem in the everyday life.


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    Модифицированное устройство для нагревания табака IQOS
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    Титан с PVD-покрытием черного цвета
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    Лазерная гравировка волка. Сатинирование
$1 520