Caviar designers have always been loved Apple. Many of us are true fans of the brand. We have always been dreaming about what else the iPhone could look like. After reading tens of thousands of comments from Apple users and collecting publicly available patents registered by Apple, we created the concept that is true to Steve Jobs' motto "Think differently”.

This bold concept is called the iPhone 14 Pro Switch because it combines the functions of a smartphone and a gaming console. We acknowledged the most frequent requests of Apple fans – the model has zero ports and no "Notch", the front camera was redesigned - now it does not protrude from the case, the Touch ID is back - now it is located under the screen, and the entire model is reliably protected by a durable titanium body.

In our version, the iPhone 14 Switch has an additional screen for games, compact, built-in controls - sticks, buttons, and a touchpad.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our concept. And soon during the autumn Fall presentation, we will find out whether our designers managed to guess what the new iPhone 14 looks like and its features. But you can already pre-order a “classic” custom iPhone 14 from Caviar on the website of our atelier today!

Create your dream iphone

Create your dream iphone