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Improving Maserati? Making this superb Italian car even better? It is impossible! It’s because, indeed, despite the set phrase, even the perfection has its limits. This is why we do not fight for the improvement of Maserati, but we offer you to add some more marvelous Maserati style into your life! For this, we created this stylish, expressive and firm titanium case decorated with a warlike Maserati trident. From now on, your smartphone will create a decent pair for your car; the design of the body is performed of black composite onyx and titanium and repeats the construction of Maserati V8 engine. The powerful, flawless and elegant design opens to our eyes everything that is usually hidden and convinces the comprehensive perfection of your car!



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    Impact-Resistant Silicone Case with removable lightweighted titanium cover (DIN 3.7145)
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    Volumetric image of Maserati logo. Tempered titanium of DIN 3.7145 grade
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    Natural black calf leather.
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    Artificial polished stone «Black onyx» with engravings.
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    Caviar plate:

    Engraved titanium.

What is in the box

image In a luxurious original Caviar case. Coating material - "Black velvet".

There you will find:

  • Your Caviar IPhone Case
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty certificate.
$1 890