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The history of Caviar creation

The birth of style

At the origins of the brand Caviar stood Elia Giacometti, the Italian jeweler who created the first designs, at that time for Apple iPhone 4. Since 2014, the brand Caviar has been fully under the Russian management. Nowadays, the style of Caviar reflects truly Russian features – generosity, wealth, traditions, beauty, but expresses these characteristics in the universal language of luxury that is clear and close to all the people in the world. Caviar – this is a gift from Russia, which you’ll be proud of!

Precious Caviar iPhone

Caviar iPhone is the sounding premiere of the luxury world. A brand new look at how a luxurious top-class phone can be. Combining the technical perfection of the progressive Apple iPhone and the jewelers’ work on the body design, Caviar became a unique accessory, the analogues to which have never been known to the world of premium goods!

Every phone is assembled by hands of the most exclusive materials – gold, titanium, carbon, composite stone; natural leather, rare species of wood and diamonds are used for the decoration. Through the efforts of the experienced jewelers, the perfection of every detail is being reached: the finest engraving, embossment, encrustation with precious stones, volumetric bas-reliefs and precious coverings – every element of work is made with love and attention. This is the reason why the manufacturing of the phones is carried out in strictly limited number of copies. The limited edition is the guarantee of the exclusiveness of each device as well as the pledge of the fact that as much time and efforts will be dedicated to the work on every phone, as it will require.

Caviar is a special world, where there will never be any crowds of gawkers and bystanders. This world is available only for the chosen ones, the world where the luxury, hand work, the individual approach and excellent service are valued. This is a royal gift which one will be proud of!

In the rapid rhythm of innovations

• In 2011, Caviar presented two collections of precious devices based on Apple iPhone 4s
• In 2012, the sales of them started in the online-boutique.
• Then one more sounding premiere took place – the jewelers presented the first iPad mini in the golden dressing.
• In 2014, Caviar presented the collection of smartphones dedicated to the great personalities, Supremo; among others, there was an issued phone with the portrait of President Putin in it. This event became one of the most discussed in the Russian media, and the edition of the precious presidential phones was sold out after two days.
• The owners of Caviar become many famous personalities, among which there are the world famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, the boxer Roy Jones, the musician Fred Durst, the actor Steven Seagal, the Russian movie director Nikita Mikhalkov and many others!
• Beginning from 2015, Caviar offers the clients not only smartphones and tablets in the jewelry design, but also the exclusive versions of Apple Watch covered with gold and decorated with tiny symbolic engravings applied by hand.
• Caviar creates the smartphones’ designs dedicated to sport victories, historical events, outstanding personalities, world religions and various countries.
• In 2017, Caviar created the iPhone model dedicated to the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; this year, Caviar presented the luxurious “reincarnation” of the phone Nokia 3310 in the unique titanium case.
• In 2018, Caviar started selling the unique model iPhone X Tesla – this smartphone is able to charge from the light!