Caviar, a Russian custom-made gadgets design bureau, introduced the "Prime" collection, which includes the latest and the most desired gadgets of 2021. The cost of the most expensive device in the collection is 320,000 USD.

The new luxury series is called Prime to reflect the uniqueness and exclusivity of the collection. To date, this is the best and most exclusive series ever produced by Caviar, in which designers have surpassed themselves and created a whole set of unique masterpieces.

Playstation Prime

The powerful new PlayStation 5 game console is crafted from solid 18K yellow gold and embellished with subtle patterns for a light and airy feel. Joysticks of the new model are covered with genuine leather and decorated with gold inserts. And even the console stand is full of luxury as it is made of premium ebony. Caviar has previously released the Sony Playstation 5 in premium modding. The first design, Golden Rock, was crafted in 18k gold in a bold style, with rough, broken lines echoing the shape of a rock. The Gold design featured in the Prime collection is more sophisticated, delicate, and refined. 

The price for the model is 320,000 USD. The console will be released in a limited edition of five copies to match the serial number of the device. 

iPad Mini 6 Prime

iPad Mini 6 is an unexpected release recognized by many as the most successful of the devices presented at the last Apple event. The large backside of the model allowed Caviar jewelers to create an exquisite and impressive gold panel. The back is covered with a solid 18K gold plate, decorated with ornate patterns with floral motifs. But admiring glances will be attracted not only by the unique gold finish but also by four purest 4mm diamonds inlaid into the model's case. The price for the new model is 75,000 USD. A limited-edition of 6 pieces reflects the serial number of the tablet.

Airpods Max

The Airpods Max, in black and gold, is a refinement of the previously created Gold Black design. Wireless headphones have become even more convenient and comfortable to use. And their appearance - a combination of genuine crocodile leather and 18-carat gold with an embossed pattern - makes them a true work of jewelry. The price for the new headphones will be 60,000 USD, the limited series will feature only 9 copies.

And finally, the crown of the exclusive Prime collection is the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Prime Total Gold. The premium smartphone from Apple with a custom upgrade from Caviar received a precious 18-karat gold case decorated with a luxurious pattern and the thinnest bezels, giving the model even more sophistication and grace. The new iPhone 13 Pro Prime Total Gold is, perhaps, the most exclusive new device of 2021. The cost of the model is 38,000 USD. 

In addition to extra-limited designs made of 18-karat gold, the Prime collection includes versions of gadgets with gold plating using Double Electroplated technology (999-fineness, 7 microns.). Goldplated versions completely mimic the appearance of total gold models and are presented in 99 copies each. 

When will these new items be available for purchase?

The gold iPhone 12 Pro and iPad mini 6 are available for purchase today. Airpods Max and Sony Playstation 5 will ship to customers starting December 15, 2021.