The Russian brand Caviar, known worldwide for exclusive designs of smartphones and accessories, has created a line of designs for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The flagship model was the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox smartphone in the form of a precious bull, dedicated to the New Year according to the Lunar calendar. The case of the accessory is made of black heavy-duty titanium with elegant engraving. The centerpiece of the accessory was a three-dimensional bas-relief of a bull's head with a ring of shining pure gold, encrusted with 2 diamonds. In the nose of the bull is inserted a movable gold ring, with which the smartphone is very convenient to hold in your hands.

The model will be released in a limited edition — only 21 copies.

Other models in the line have a more concise, restrained design, but at the same time they look no less luxurious and presentable. In their manufacture, hardened titanium, automotive carbon fiber and genuine alligator leather are used.

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