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iPad Pro Grand Apple


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Here is a real precious masterpiece and the most expensive Apple design - the Caviar iPad Pro Grand Apple.

The case of the accessory is made of pure gold and rare wood and is decorated with wood and apples, also of pure gold. The total weight of gold in the iPad is over 1 kilogram.

The apples are encrusted with 81 natural diamonds, with a diameter of 3 mm and a radius of 1.5 mm.

This is a real piece of jewelry!

The bottom of the model is engraved with the famous sayings of Steve Jobs ""Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition"" and Tim Cook ""May your joy be on your journey, and not in some distant goal."" These phrases reflect the credo of the entire Apple company, which strives not only to create functional devices, but to create phones and accessories that bring joy to both their owners and their authors.

The unique Caviar iPad Pro Grand Apple will be the only item all over the world!

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