In Russia, the new iPhone XS will be turned into an amulet

he Russian luxury manufacturer of extraordinary modifications of Apple smartphones presented the “Talisman” Collection, where the designers addressed to amulets of various nations and decorated iPhone with the precious anchovy, Celtic cross, Turkish Nazar eye, “dreamcatcher”, Yin Yang symbol and other talisman to let everyone find their own among them.

The new collection by Caviar is an appeal to the centuries traditions of using various symbols as totemic elements, protective amulets endowed with superpowers. In these images, there are the concentrated ancient wisdom of various nations, old beliefs and customs, beauty and fineness reflecting the special features of cultural codes and abilities that are difficult to be explained logically. However, like everything great, they’re living through millennia and never lose their sacred sense.

The series presents 8 designs. Each of them is dedicated to a specific talisman – the Celtic Cross, Turkish Nazar eye, anchovy, half-moon with a star, Feng Shui dragon, Yin Yang sign, “dreamcatcher” and four-leaf clover. Every image has got its own history and origin in a specific culture; so, the “dreamcatcher” comes from the American Indians; the half-moon with a star became a symbol of all Muslims worldwide; the Anchovy spread from the Jewish and Arab nations; Nazar came from the Turkic tradition, and the black and white Yin Yang is the heritage from the Ancient China. However, in the modern world of globalization, all these symbols moved far beyond their native cultures and now, they are popular and in demand worldwide as universal amulets, keepers of the good and defenders from the hardships.

Caviar designers used a rich palette of jewelry techniques and a wide variety of materials in their work on this collection. For example, the model dedicated to the half-moon with a star is decorated with 28 diamonds in total; in the “Yin Yang” model, the natural leather is used, an in the center of the symbolic “Dreamcatcher”, the purest diamond of 0.24 carats is placed, which is aimed to catch bad dreams of its owner. The cost of this most expensive phone in the collection is 399 000 RUR.

The “Talisman” collection is more than just jewelry and more than symbolic protection signs; these are the most important element of the cultures, where the wisdom, philosophy and beauty are concentrated that survived various eras, various leaders, various social organizations, and already have a merited status of eternal values”, the brand’s representatives say.

All the models are available for the pre-order.


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