Red, black and even white caviar - right on the body of Apple Watch 4

New Year Collection of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4 by the brand of luxury accessories and smartphones, Caviar is inspired by three kinds of caviar – red, black and white, and decorated with diamonds and rubies in the color matching the delicacies. Evokes appetite!

Starting the preparations to the New Year, the designers of the extraordinary smartphones Caviar introduced the “gourmet” collection of precious smart watches Apple Watch, the designs of which were born thanks to the associations with the traditional a la Russe treats, such as the kinds of caviar. Just instead of caviar – red, black and white (the most expensive and rarest sturgeon caviar “Almas”) – the bodies and block bracelets of the watches are decorated with precious stones – rubies, black and white diamonds.

Apple Watch 4 Gold Edition

In total, 633 precious stones are placed on the watch; each of them has the size of one and a half millimeter.

Golden Apple Watch Series 4

“Caviar is the literal translation of our brand name, and it also is the univocal synonym of wealth, such broad, hospitable and generous Russian life on a grand scale. So, we thought that it is time to address directly to the image of this delicacy and turn it into a jewel! We decided to decorate Apple Watch Series 4 with the precious “caviar” and literally scattered them with diamonds. These extraordinary models are for those who cannot be surprised easily”, the brand’s representatives say.

Apple Watch Series 4 Gold

Besides the “caviar” models which prices starts from $37 650, Caviar transferred the most demanded design into the format of Apple Watch 4 Series, which were presented on the watches from the previous edition – these are classical models and, dedicated to Russia and Empress Catherine II, they’re covered with gold according to the technology Double Electroplated (999th gold standard, 7 microns) and decorated with engravings.