Totem Bear

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Modified tobacco heating device based on IQOS in the titanium body – a luxurious accessory with a masculine character.

A bear is a furious wild animal that has been worshipped since ancient times. Men strived to receive the best abilities of this animal: the Slavs, Scandinavians and American Indians considered the animal’s claws and fangs powerful talismans that give power and violent rage of a bear to their owner.

Caviar Smoking Device Totem Bear is a modern form of an ancient talisman. Performed in a black titanium body, IQOS is decorated with a satin ornament and an image of a bear made in the laser engraving technique.

The accessory will be an excellent gift for a modern, self-confident man. The bear’s symbol will underline his masculinity and strength.


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    Modified IQOS tobacco heating device
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    Titanium with PVD covering of black color
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    Laser engraving of a grinning bear. Satining.
$1 520