Caviar is currently presenting a new precious collection of iPhone 12 Pro designs, called Warrior. Brand designers have chosen the sword image, driving into the enemy's «armor», as the main leitmotif.

Each Warrior collection model is dedicated to legendary warriors of different nations and times, including Vikings, Samurai, Assassins, Zulfiqar - famous sword of the prophet and the ancient Roman emperor as well. Caviar designers used rare, most durable and precious materials, including titanium, gold, colored marble, rubies, wolf fur, Damascus steel.

Phone lining in a box for each «Warrior» collection phone is made of bright crimson velvet, imitating the flowing blood from a pierced sword.

New limited edition consists of 99 pieces. Zulfikar limited edition consists of 19 copies. Besides there will be available 7 «imperial» phones, corresponding to Seven Hills of Rome.

The minimum smartphones cost is 299 000 rubles.