art. S20u-0087  

Custom Samsung S20/S20+/Ultra by Caviar Cruise Belize

  • Cruise Belize, 1/8
  • Cruise Belize, 2/8
  • Cruise Belize, 3/8
  • Cruise Belize, 4/8
  • Cruise Belize, 5/8
  • Cruise Belize, 6/8
  • Cruise Belize, 7/8

Custom Samsung S20/S20+/Ultra by Caviar Cruise Belize

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  • Materials
    • BODY Cruise Belize

      BODY: Genuine ostrich leather of rich dark blue color


      DECORATIVE ELEMENTS: Caviar crown and frame with a Caviar plate made of titanium

    • LIMITED SERIES Cruise Belize

      LIMITED SERIES: 99 copies

  • Description

    To have an unforgettable time on one of the world’s best resorts, you don’t need to spend fabulous amounts on flights and stay on an expensive island. You just need to take the exclusive Caviar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cruise Belize, and this amazing smartphone full of the genuine spirit of this luxurious resort will transfer you to the snow-white sand of Belize.

    The moderate design is made in noble shades: royal blue ostrich leather impresses with its texture and exclusiveness, while the decorative inserts of firm titanium contrast with the body’s rich color creating a refined duet of masculine materials.

  • Warranty

    The products by Caviar have an international certificate of authenticity with 5 protection levels. A personal certificate is provided to the owner along with the Item.

    All the items presented in our online store Caviar are completely original products manufactured with the use of precious and rare materials. For iPhone, Samsung, Apple Watch, cases the warranty from our company is being provided for the period of 1 (one) year. For mechanical watches - 2 years.

    Even after the warranty period expires, our service center is at your service. Qualified specialists are ready to provide a range of troubleshooting measures with your CAVIAR, if any.

  • Delivery

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Personal Manager


Caviar Design Lab will enhance the appearance of the product according to your preferences. A personal manager will assist you throughout the entire production cycle.


options include:

  • Personal engraving on the side edges
  • Applying your logo or initials
  • Modifying any design elements
  • Material replacement
  • Adding your own shapes and elements
  • Developing a unique packaging

Haven't found a suitable design?

Caviar Lab will create a one-of-a-kind work of engineering art for you.